Supercritical Liquid


I love when my mind is blown in class, especially in chemistry. Surprise! In the lecture before our Fall Break, my professor decided to show us what a supercritical liquid looks like since we were talking about phase changes and some of the math behind the different states. Continue reading



This blog has gotten a facelift as you can see (or not). For people who have seen my blog before, you probably agree that this layout is way better than the one before. Continue reading

Breaking Bad

Something you might not know about me is. I don’t watch much television. I have not turned my actual television in months. I watch lots of YouTube videos and shows on Hulu. I guess online tv is the new DVD and TVs are becoming VHS’s. And yes I was around when DVDs came out. Anyway, I started watching Breaking Bad. I had friends recommending it to me for SUCH a long time and I finally got around to watching it. I am so hooked.  Continue reading

The Sorta Kinda Lab On Mordants This Time

Today I did a lab on how mordants affect yarn colors from natural dyes. I used the same book I used for the other lab. The natural sources I used were blackberries, onion skins, (decaf) coffee, and (Lipton) tea. It was so exciting to see the results. I was definitely shocked when some of the colors were extreme (which is really nice to have since I’ve only really seen very nice and soft colors from natural dyes online).  Continue reading

Sorta Kinda Lab Report: pH Dependency on Dyes

I decided to do one of the labs that was presented in The Chemistry of Natural Dyes by Dianne N. Epp. The lab tests out what pH levels have on the colorfastness of a dye. Since, I probably shouldn’t post all of the lab information on here, this post will focus more on the results. Continue reading

So, what is the chemistry behind it? Part 3

So, this is the subsequent post to Part 2 if it wasn’t obvious by now. This post is going to be about acid dyes, how it interacts with wool, why you soak yarn in water, and what mordants are for! (Warning, slightly long post)Continue reading

Why Can’t I Just Shampoo My Hair?

I have a weird tendency to want to wash my hair at two in the morning. Don’t ask why. Something I noticed though is that when I just shampooed, I would get dandruff the next day. I mean, I always wondered what the point of conditioner was. When I was looking for my answer, the people who answered didn’t explain why just said that you have to. Continue reading

LSD for Alcoholism

I bumped into this article about the results of LSD on patients who were alcoholics. The gist of the results is that LSD helped with the alcoholism significantly. I find it pretty funny that using an illegal drug can solve the problem of people who abuse legal drugs (alcohol). And it seems like such a quick fix. You take a few micrograms of LSD annually and it rids your alcoholism. As far as I know, LSD is not addictive either. Seems like a good bargain.

We of course have an obvious problem. Continue reading