Ethics and Pharmaceuticals

Being a college student who isn’t really sure of what path I want to take, I’ve been reading up on different careers and paths. One of the ones that I looked at is the pharmaceutical industry. Being in the socially-conscious, activist scene, my visceral reaction was negative. How could I join an industry that is “the Man”? Continue reading


Drugs In The Brain: Part 2

To pass some of the extra time I have, I’ve been watching documentaries about drugs. I’ve heard of the usual suspects: heroin, cocaine, and meth. Something completely new to me was the new kid around the block called DMT or Dimethyltryptamine. It’s considered the strongest psychedelic in the world. I guess it’s more like the hipster of drugs. No one has really heard about it. Continue reading

LSD for Alcoholism

I bumped into this article about the results of LSD on patients who were alcoholics. The gist of the results is that LSD helped with the alcoholism significantly. I find it pretty funny that using an illegal drug can solve the problem of people who abuse legal drugs (alcohol). And it seems like such a quick fix. You take a few micrograms of LSD annually and it rids your alcoholism. As far as I know, LSD is not addictive either. Seems like a good bargain.

We of course have an obvious problem. Continue reading

Drugs In The Brain: Part 1

In chemistry, one of the things I find fascinating is the effect of drugs or stimulants on a person’s brain.

One of my favorite stimulants is caffeine. It’s in tea, coffee, chocolate, and soda. It also just happens to be that I love huge amounts of those four things. One day, after having (massive amounts of) soda, I noticed that my ears were ringing non-stop. For a while I thought it was just some annoying noise with an unknown source. But then it wouldn’t go away. I decided to look it up, just incase it wasn’t anything serious. Judge me. I used the internet to diagnose myself. Continue reading