The Sorta Kinda Lab On Mordants This Time

Today I did a lab on how mordants affect yarn colors from natural dyes. I used the same book I used for the other lab. The natural sources I used were blackberries, onion skins, (decaf) coffee, and (Lipton) tea. It was so exciting to see the results. I was definitely shocked when some of the colors were extreme (which is really nice to have since I’ve only really seen very nice and soft colors from natural dyes online).  Continue reading


Drugs In The Brain: Part 1

In chemistry, one of the things I find fascinating is the effect of drugs or stimulants on a person’s brain.

One of my favorite stimulants is caffeine. It’s in tea, coffee, chocolate, and soda. It also just happens to be that I love huge amounts of those four things. One day, after having (massive amounts of) soda, I noticed that my ears were ringing non-stop. For a while I thought it was just some annoying noise with an unknown source. But then it wouldn’t go away. I decided to look it up, just incase it wasn’t anything serious. Judge me. I used the internet to diagnose myself. Continue reading