This blog has gotten a facelift as you can see (or not). For people who have seen my blog before, you probably agree that this layout is way better than the one before. Continue reading


Breaking Bad

Something you might not know about me is. I don’t watch much television. I have not turned my actual television in months. I watch lots of YouTube videos and shows on Hulu. I guess online tv is the new DVD and TVs are becoming VHS’s. And yes I was around when DVDs came out. Anyway, I started watching Breaking Bad. I had friends recommending it to me for SUCH a long time and I finally got around to watching it. I am so hooked.  Continue reading

The Sorta Kinda Lab On Mordants This Time

Today I did a lab on how mordants affect yarn colors from natural dyes. I used the same book I used for the other lab. The natural sources I used were blackberries, onion skins, (decaf) coffee, and (Lipton) tea. It was so exciting to see the results. I was definitely shocked when some of the colors were extreme (which is really nice to have since I’ve only really seen very nice and soft colors from natural dyes online).  Continue reading

So, what is the chemistry behind it? Part 3

So, this is the subsequent post to Part 2 if it wasn’t obvious by now. This post is going to be about acid dyes, how it interacts with wool, why you soak yarn in water, and what mordants are for! (Warning, slightly long post)Continue reading

What the heck is a peptide!?

My awesome mentor bought a book called The Chemistry of Natural Dyes by Dianne N. Epp. The book goes into the chemistry of dyes, wool, mordants and pretty much anything you need to know about dyeing. I’m so excited because there’s chemistry in there and explanations! The other sources of information I found simply talked about what happens and what to do, but never explained why or what happens chemically.  Continue reading

My Favorite Elements: Carbon

Wanring: Image-heavy post

My favorite elements are Carbon, Chlorine, and Iodine.

For now I’ll talk about Carbon. Carbon is one of those magical elements. It can create one of the hardest things we know, diamond, but it can also create something quite soft, graphite. One is clear and the other is shiny and opaque. Continue reading

Science Folks Aren’t All Weird

While doing my thing on Tumblr I stumbled upon a blog named This Is What A Scientist Looks Like. It’s mind blowing to see that scientists are normal people with normal lives. Before this blog, when I thought of a scientist I thought of someone without friends to be honest and someone who is close to 100% invested in their work.

It’s great that a blog like this exists because the US is in lack of scientists and I think this can make it “cool” again. “You can be super smart like a scientist but you can also be attractive and have a normal life!”