Sorta Kinda Lab Report: pH Dependency on Dyes

I decided to do one of the labs that was presented in The Chemistry of Natural Dyes by Dianne N. Epp. The lab tests out what pH levels have on the colorfastness of a dye. Since, I probably shouldn’t post all of the lab information on here, this post will focus more on the results. Continue reading


So, what is the chemistry behind it? Part 3

So, this is the subsequent post to Part 2 if it wasn’t obvious by now. This post is going to be about acid dyes, how it interacts with wool, why you soak yarn in water, and what mordants are for! (Warning, slightly long post)Continue reading

So, what is the chemistry behind it? Part 1

I read through The Chemistry of Natural Dyes by Dianne N. Epp and WOAH did I learn a lot! And now I have an explanation for what’s going on which is personally exciting! In this post I’m gonna talk about Keratin. It’s what wool is made out of.  Continue reading

What the heck is a peptide!?

My awesome mentor bought a book called The Chemistry of Natural Dyes by Dianne N. Epp. The book goes into the chemistry of dyes, wool, mordants and pretty much anything you need to know about dyeing. I’m so excited because there’s chemistry in there and explanations! The other sources of information I found simply talked about what happens and what to do, but never explained why or what happens chemically.  Continue reading

Drugs In The Brain: Part 2

To pass some of the extra time I have, I’ve been watching documentaries about drugs. I’ve heard of the usual suspects: heroin, cocaine, and meth. Something completely new to me was the new kid around the block called DMT or Dimethyltryptamine. It’s considered the strongest psychedelic in the world. I guess it’s more like the hipster of drugs. No one has really heard about it. Continue reading

Can’t Ever Get Things Done

Earlier this week I was trying to fix a name problem on my passport. I called the offices and got information corrected. I was instructed to send it in the mail with my other vital documents. My mom being a mom, thought it was pretty risky to send my documents out like that so she advised me to go down to the Passport Offices to see if I can get something done. So, I wake up semi-early to go to the offices, ride the subway down, go through security, then wait in line for a few minutes, just to be turned away because it’s not the right place to do what I need to get done.  Continue reading

Ideas of What To Try

One of my awesome teachers, K, showed me a photograph. This gave me a few ideas what things to dye with. Some of the things I want to start gathering are onion skins, purple cabbage, coffee, tea bags, branches and woods (not sure where I’ll get this), and aiming for some berries.