Ethics and Pharmaceuticals

Being a college student who isn’t really sure of what path I want to take, I’ve been reading up on different careers and paths. One of the ones that I looked at is the pharmaceutical industry. Being in the socially-conscious, activist scene, my visceral reaction was negative. How could I join an industry that is “the Man”? Continue reading



This blog has gotten a facelift as you can see (or not). For people who have seen my blog before, you probably agree that this layout is way better than the one before. Continue reading

So, What Now?

Today was Senior Project night where the seniors present all the work they’ve done in the past six or seven weeks. My presentation went pretty well and I amazed people. I think job well done? I even got a close relative of a fashion designer say that I should become a fashion designer. It’s a big deal because that family sorta is a bunch of fashion designers. I suck at a drawing and not a very trendy or fashionable person, so it’s probably not the best career for me.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching my classmates present. I learned a little bit of biology (Oh my!), I learned about public relations, politics, and cupcakes. Such different things, but all really interesting.

What is something else I’m taking away from this experience besides the fact that maybe I should keep my options open? My classmates are quite talented and I’m going to miss them all a lot.

Just Some Thoughts

My senior project is now coming to a close. I always say that every experience teaches you something and you leave each experience having learned something new. In terms of learning it doesn’t only have to be learning content or material but learning about yourself or learning how something works.

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Dyeing For My Favorite Color

So, I’ve been learning about natural dyes and the process of dyeing yarn for the past few weeks. I got an awesome color and I wanted to reproduce it on a bigger scale. I got a very deep and beautiful purple from blackberries. I’m now going to knit a hat with it and super excited. Warning: Über Long Post.

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Breaking Bad

Something you might not know about me is. I don’t watch much television. I have not turned my actual television in months. I watch lots of YouTube videos and shows on Hulu. I guess online tv is the new DVD and TVs are becoming VHS’s. And yes I was around when DVDs came out. Anyway, I started watching Breaking Bad. I had friends recommending it to me for SUCH a long time and I finally got around to watching it. I am so hooked.  Continue reading

Can’t Ever Get Things Done

Earlier this week I was trying to fix a name problem on my passport. I called the offices and got information corrected. I was instructed to send it in the mail with my other vital documents. My mom being a mom, thought it was pretty risky to send my documents out like that so she advised me to go down to the Passport Offices to see if I can get something done. So, I wake up semi-early to go to the offices, ride the subway down, go through security, then wait in line for a few minutes, just to be turned away because it’s not the right place to do what I need to get done.  Continue reading


My internship at a lab didn’t work out as expected. And I didn’t really know that it wouldn’t work till the end of my Spring Break.  The labs said they just needed to be notified a little bit earlier. I’m not sure what they need it for… I’m free labor. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t mind having someone do the smaller “annoying” tasks in the lab. It’s fine though. I at least paved the way for other students to be able to do it! Continue reading