This blog has gotten a facelift as you can see (or not). For people who have seen my blog before, you probably agree that this layout is way better than the one before.

I also got a facelift, in a way. I’m not in high school anymore and I have more opportunity to do sciencey or chemistry related things. There’s this wonderful thing I discovered called symposium. They are also known as seminars. This is when researchers/professors from other institutions come to talk about their research. They have all been pretty interesting even though many of the lectures were far too advance for me to truly understand what it meant in a larger context. Hopefully, I will get to understand these seminars more and more as time progresses.

At this point in time, I’m pretty sure that I’m going to major in Biological Chemistry. It’s basically the same thing as biochemistry except I will do less biology and more labs. I came to the conclusion that I wanted to major in Biological Chemistry because I’m interested in how living things interact and less on the mathematics of molecules. Although many will tell me to just pursue things I’m interested in and the rest will follow, I’m thinking of getting an engineering degree or going to Pharmacology school after ungrad. However, I’ll leave that for the back of my brain to worry about because who knows if I’ll get another facelift in the next few years.


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