Just Some Thoughts

My senior project is now coming to a close. I always say that every experience teaches you something and you leave each experience having learned something new. In terms of learning it doesn’t only have to be learning content or material but learning about yourself or learning how something works.

One thing to start off with is that if you’re passionate about many different things, you’ll find some way to connect them all. When I first started my senior project, I was not sure how I was possibly going to connect my interests together. I love both science and knitting but finding the point(s) where they meet is quite difficult. I somehow got to the point with the assistance of my awesome librarian. I’ll keep this in mind as I head to college. I still have very eclectic academic interests (eg chemistry, neurology, sociology, languages, maybe journalism, maybe politics, maybe psychology), but I’ll somehow find a way to put them in one basket.

Writing for a 7th blog has made me realize, I actually really like blogging. I’ve written for my own blogs, which were about my life, politics, knitting/crocheting, etc and co-authored on a Feminism blog. I’m not sure what it is about this medium but it’s something I really enjoy and just comes out of me, which I can’t say when it comes to other types of writing… I guess it’s because I can just write what I think and not be overly concerned about whether or not the beams of the writing are perpendicular to the floor and that the carpet matches the drapes. It’s also because, the best part, it’s about something you truly care about or else you wouldn’t be doing it.

I have mentioned this before, but getting things done is such a difficult task. Sometimes internship openings were never really openings, sometimes the distilled water that you bought just two days before disappears and no one knows where it went…. Sometimes you realize that no one talks about what you’re interested in. The point is, if you really want something, you do have to be assertive and magically become an octopus because you’re going to need all the arms you can get to pull some strings here and there. Moving on, I’m gonna remind myself that I will be better off being aggressive than not trying hard enough.

This might sound silly, but there is so much out there. Right now my idea of what types of jobs are out there is quite limited. However, I was exposed to a few more occupations I wasn’t even aware of, like learning about DNA and genetics by using a computer or being a translator of scientific information to other languages. If these are just a few there could be hundreds of others I’ve never heard about. This excites me and at the same time freaks me out. What if I don’t discover my “real” passion? I’ve heard of people saying that it just hit them. After that they just knew what they wanted to do as a career. I don’t think I’ve been hit hard by this epiphany. I’m still waiting.

Although this is the end of my senior project, I do want to continue this blog. I learn so many things by having a spark of interest in figuring out how something works. What will change is the focus of the blog. The blog will be more general science things and I’ll probably mention science classes I’ll end up taking next year. This is my final school post, on the other hand it’s not the last post for the blog.


One thought on “Just Some Thoughts

  1. It’s always good to figure a little something else out about yourself. And I think that those who tell you it just hits you in the end are probably right in a lot of ways. There are times when life just figures you out and you just happen to be in the right frame of mind at that very moment to notice it when it happens.

    All the best with college and your career choice. 🙂

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