Breaking Bad

Something you might not know about me is. I don’t watch much television. I have not turned my actual television in months. I watch lots of YouTube videos and shows on Hulu. I guess online tv is the new DVD and TVs are becoming VHS’s. And yes I was around when DVDs came out. Anyway, I started watching Breaking Bad. I had friends recommending it to me for SUCH a long time and I finally got around to watching it. I am so hooked. 

A little synopsis of the show is a former lab worker who gets screwed over on a major discovery. He misses out on millions of dollars. He then becomes a chemistry teacher. He later finds out he has lung cancer and decides to do something a little… bold to make sure his family doesn’t get into debt. He goes in the “cooking” business, not with food, but with meth or for those who would like to be fancy methamphetamine. Walter, the main character, partners up with a former student who is in the meth business and the show takes you through their adventure of meeting people and being tied in webs and webs of secrecy, lies, and russian roulette. The russian roulette part relates to one of the characters who is just so unpredictable.

One of the cool things is all of the chemistry fun facts in the first season. One of them being you can decompose bodies with HCl (HydroChloric Acid) if you ever kill someone and need to get rid of them. You know, it happens. Walt(er) knows this because he decomposed a body to see what percentage of the body is made out of what elements. Another little scientific mystery is that they were able to find 99.x% of the elements in the body but there was something missing every time. And Walt came to the conclusion that the soul weighs 21 grams.

I don’t remember if I read this or saw it in a video, but the way they “cook” the meth is quite accurate in terms of the process. The producers of the show said all the information can be found online. It was found Wikipedia… Not in all of its glory but bits of it making the show make more sense. For example, when they were buying tons of aluminium paper (there’s an I in aluminium) and throwing it into a solution. Another I guess badass moment in the show is when Walt kills these other “cooks” who had him at gunpoint by using a gas by-product of synthesizing meth to suffocate them.

I’ve seen almsot all the seasons at this point and can’t WAIT for the fifth season coming soonish.


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