Effects of Mordants and Yarn

I’ve been looking around for hours trying to figure out what the mordants do exactly. Or just a generalization and I found SOME information! 

Modern commercially available mordants include iron sulfate/Coppreas (dulls/gray tones), tin (brightens), chrome (stronger/browner tones), copper sulfate/blue vitriol (green tones), alum (yellow tones) and cream of tartar (deeper tones). (Source).

I was so happy when I found this information! No one has done any research on natural dyes and colors of natural products so the information is basic or irrelevant.

I want to dye an entire skein of yarn. For those who don’t know a skein is a measurement of yarn. The yarns I’m looking at are:


I was thinking more along the lines of the first option because it’ll be a quick knit/crochet. And Fisherman’s Wool is for some hardcore projects. I’m gonna buy some and dye it to make a jumper. I was going to use Blackberries and Tin which gave off an awesome color. I’m gonna make a scarf with the first yarn and the second, I might do some other things with it.


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