What the heck is a peptide!?

My awesome mentor bought a book called The Chemistry of Natural Dyes by Dianne N. Epp. The book goes into the chemistry of dyes, wool, mordants and pretty much anything you need to know about dyeing. I’m so excited because there’s chemistry in there and explanations! The other sources of information I found simply talked about what happens and what to do, but never explained why or what happens chemically. 

So I started reading the first chapter and I was totally understanding everything but every once in a while they would throw biology terms out there… Yeah. I just nodded and continued, but it became apparent I actually had to know what those things are to understand what they’re talking about.

While I was indulging in my documentary addiction, I stumbled upon The Crash Course: Biology. Luckily for me, it’s exactly what I needed at the moment. I watched most of the videos in the series. Even though I’m about two trimesters late to fully understanding basic biology, I was glad I got that crash course. Why do I say that? I took an intro to Biochemistry and Organic chemistry and was pretty lost in the biology parts of the class, but I get it now!

After reading the first few pages I learned SO much information! The book talks a lot about fibers and what they’re made of, their characteristics and such. And I learned random facts about wool that I’ll share in another post!


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