Can’t Ever Get Things Done

Earlier this week I was trying to fix a name problem on my passport. I called the offices and got information corrected. I was instructed to send it in the mail with my other vital documents. My mom being a mom, thought it was pretty risky to send my documents out like that so she advised me to go down to the Passport Offices to see if I can get something done. So, I wake up semi-early to go to the offices, ride the subway down, go through security, then wait in line for a few minutes, just to be turned away because it’s not the right place to do what I need to get done. 

Want to know why I even have to do this? So I’ve been going under a slightly different name for the past 17 years. I was born in Puerto Rico so I was given two last names. However, my mom signed me up for everything with just one. When I went to the DMV to take the permit test, they wouldn’t let me because my passport and Social Security didn’t match in terms of name.

This experience made me realize that it’s actually quite hard to get things done. You have to do this, then that, then do that, then do this other thing. It’s almost a long never-ending process until you get where you need to get to.

Even with finding an internship, it seems like you have to jump through a few hoops before you find the person that will give you the answer you need. However when you do get the answer, it could either be gratifying or disappointing.

Another thing that happened to me recently was, one, I became a legal adult, two, I changed my “Kid’s” account in the bank to an adult account. It was pretty scary. It was the second time I ever had to make big decisions without my mom over my shoulder making sure things were being done the way they are supposed to. If you were wondering, my first big decision was deciding on college. It took me weeks, and I decided on Wesleyan. I notice I’m going slightly on a tangent…

When I was setting my bank account, I was freaking out internally that something was going to go wrong. After I made the account and I left the bank, I had one of those moments where you’re like, “Woah, I’m an adult now!” I went home and explained to my mom what happened and what my account number was and everything else. She must be intuitive like me because she said she felt something was wrong. So she went to the bank yesterday and asked what type of account I had. I apparently had the wrong account type even AFTER the bank personnel told me it was a certain type.

Luckily, this time all I had to do was call to change it. It just seems like such a hassle sometimes to get things done. This project also has proven quite difficult. Who the heck writes about the science of dyes, knitting/crocheting, and yarn?!


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