Oberlin College Visit

As you probably already know I’m a high school senior and the May 1st deadline for colleges is coming fast. I decided to visit my top choice schools and Oberlin College is one of them. 

When I was walking around the science center I ran into a giant yarn dyeing exhibition/display! Betsy Bruce put on the display of all the naturally dyed yarn. The display definitely inspired me to explore and possibly create my own knitted items with the yarn I dyed.

These are a few pictures of the exhibit up-close. The yarns are dyed from a range of resources and materials.

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It’s interesting to think about how something as small as yarn and dyeing clothes can be a part of the larger conversation of environmental sustainability. I talked before  how chemical dyes are quite dangerous for the workers manufacturing it and still can pose as a problem on clothes being worn by humans every day. Something else I learned about the dyes on clothes, which I definitely agree with, is that synthetic/chemical dyes tend to be mono-color and flat. What I mean is that there are no hues and will be that color under every circumstance. I’ll post a video a little bit later of someone who discovered natural dyes.


One thought on “Oberlin College Visit

  1. Steven,
    How funny that you’re doing your project on natural dyes and yarn and that Oberlin just happens to have an exhibit on just that during your visit. I hope it was as helpful/inspirational as it is beautiful. I came across this article in the NY times from just a few weeks ago http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/05/garden/how-to-make-dye-with-kitchen-staples.html
    It’s pretty useful in terms of recipes for natural dyes. Have you heard of the book mentioned in the article “The handbook of Natural Plant Dyes”? We should try to find a copy, I bet there’s a wealth of information in there that would be helpful in terms of testing dyes and fabrics.

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