Natural Dyes

After deciding that I really wanted to explore how the dyes works, I decided I should explore natural dyes. Natural dyes come from weird sources. They come from cow urine, insects, snails, octopus, and minerals. I was shocked that there were so many sources for colors. It also makes me wonder who discovered that the sources created colors on fibers. I’m not sure I want to know how people discovered that cow urine is a great dye. I’m interested in how other sources are processed to be made into dyes. Some dyes are burned, sun-dried, “cooked”/”boiled”, pulverized, liquified, or etc.

According to this website, dyes can come from many many sources. I want to try and see if I can “discover” colors by using plants that are available either in nature or in a farmer’s market. I have a feeling these natural dyes will work amazingly well but are overlooked. I’m not sure why actually. I only ran into natural dyes recently. But it seems it can create more unique colors than those available for the dyes on steroids. And from reading warning labels, it seems that those dyes on steroids are actually quite dangerous. So, natural dyes seems like a great alternative considering your health won’t be in danger if you get some tea on you.


2 thoughts on “Natural Dyes

  1. Two sources for you– this gorgeous color wheel includes what was used for each color. And then the source I used to find it, which is a pinterest collection with “natural dyes” as the keyword:
    Natural dyeing colour wheel explained

    Can’t wait to see your results!

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