My internship at a lab didn’t work out as expected. And I didn’t really know that it wouldn’t work till the end of my Spring Break.  The labs said they just needed to be notified a little bit earlier. I’m not sure what they need it for… I’m free labor. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t mind having someone do the smaller “annoying” tasks in the lab. It’s fine though. I at least paved the way for other students to be able to do it!

At this point, what I’m going to be doing is a little foggy. I focused my project to working with dyes, colors, and yarn manufacturing. In terms of dyes, I’m going to be looking at dyes for synthetic yarn, dyes for organic yarns, and natural dyes. They’re all made of different compounds and only work on certain types of material, but all have the same function. For the beginning of my project, I wanted to figure what was in those dyes and what made them different from each other.

I already found some interesting things! I think I should learn about yarn production, the ethics of it, how it’s done, and what’s the difference between handspun yarn vs industrial.

Although being uncertain of the future is a scary thing to think about, I think it just opens up the doors for possibilities.


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