Plant Dyes

Going natural has been a movement among people that has been going on for a while now. From hair products to dieting and now to yarn and fibers.

The video shows a plant dye garden. The plants in that garden are used to create all sorts of interesting and unique colors. It’s amazing how different plants that all look the same can create such interesting colors. For example, who knew the plant indigo after some modifications would create the color blue? I’m also intrigued by the fact that plant dyes work on all fabrics! My Kool-Aid experiment only really works with animal fibers.

I think I need to experiment with some plants and seeds and see what I get. I’ve seen purple cabbage and sweet onion skins make wonderful colors!


3 thoughts on “Plant Dyes

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  2. That video had a wealth of information! I think it’s interesting that depending on the pot you use for the dye the shade of a given color changes so dramatically (stainless steel is non reactive obviously but it would be interesting to know what the chemical reaction is for brass and iron to give the different shades).
    I also wonder how easy it is to make new colors from blending dyes extracted from different sources (could you mix indigo and pomegranate?)
    Lastly, I had no idea that you could dye palm fronds but I think the idea of investigating how different materials take to different types of dye depending on the source is interesting.

    • I’ve been actually thinking about why/how that would happen in terms of the type of pot one uses to make the dye. For the mixing, I saw in one video that it’s possible to mix dyes together.

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