Why Can’t I Just Shampoo My Hair?

I have a weird tendency to want to wash my hair at two in the morning. Don’t ask why. Something I noticed though is that when I just shampooed, I would get dandruff the next day. I mean, I always wondered what the point of conditioner was. When I was looking for my answer, the people who answered didn’t explain why just said that you have to.

I searched a little more and found out it has to do with the pHs of shampoo and conditioner. Dirt and “hard” water raises the pH of your hair. It causes your hair to look dull and dry.

The raise in pH levels causes hair cuticles to rise giving it that look. Shampoo is acidic and attaches to the alkaline and gets rid of it. Dirt also has alkaline properties. Lowering the pH leads to the cuticles to lie back down.

Conditioner is basically what is sounds like. It conditions your hair. It adds moisture, proteins, and oils to your hair after it has been stripped of that moisture when the hair was shampooed.

The reason I was getting all the dandruff is that I didn’t apply conditioner to moisturize my hair.

Source: How Do Shampoo & Conditioner Affect Your Hair


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