LSD for Alcoholism

I bumped into this article about the results of LSD on patients who were alcoholics. The gist of the results is that LSD helped with the alcoholism significantly. I find it pretty funny that using an illegal drug can solve the problem of people who abuse legal drugs (alcohol). And it seems like such a quick fix. You take a few micrograms of LSD annually and it rids your alcoholism. As far as I know, LSD is not addictive either. Seems like a good bargain.

We of course have an obvious problem. The United States government isn’t going to legalize any type of drugs any time soon especially since LSD is a Schedule I drug. However, this study could possibly push LSD off the schedule I list. Also, knowing that legalizing something like LSD would be the precursor to the floodgates opening. I’m curious to see if they will do more studies or just disregard it.


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