My Favorite Elements: Carbon

Wanring: Image-heavy post

My favorite elements are Carbon, Chlorine, and Iodine.

For now I’ll talk about Carbon. Carbon is one of those magical elements. It can create one of the hardest things we know, diamond, but it can also create something quite soft, graphite. One is clear and the other is shiny and opaque.

As you can see the other magical thing about carbon is that it can create different material depending on it configuration. There are different ways it can configure itself.

There’s chains. Like ethanol. Which is drinking alcohol.

There’s cyclic. Like benzene. It’s like the new car smell. (It makes me quite nauseous).

WIthin these different types many things can happen. Caffeine for example is different combinations of those cyclic and linear/chain configurations put together.

So what’s the difference between diamond and graphite on a molecular level? The difference is how they’re set up! Diamond has a cube-like shape. And all of its carbons are connected with each other. Graphite is like sheets of carbon.

In addition, if it’s living, it has carbon. Yup, everything that is a living thing has carbon. Humans have carbon. In our skin, our chemicals, our DNA, just everywhere! We share so much with other animals that we don’t think we do!


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