Drugs In The Brain: Part 1

In chemistry, one of the things I find fascinating is the effect of drugs or stimulants on a person’s brain.

One of my favorite stimulants is caffeine. It’s in tea, coffee, chocolate, and soda. It also just happens to be that I love huge amounts of those four things. One day, after having (massive amounts of) soda, I noticed that my ears were ringing non-stop. For a while I thought it was just some annoying noise with an unknown source. But then it wouldn’t go away. I decided to look it up, just incase it wasn’t anything serious. Judge me. I used the internet to diagnose myself.


I found out that the ringing is actually an effect of overdosing on Caffeine. Who the heck knew you could possibly do that!?  After reading the wikipedia page, I found out the other side effects of overdosing. Everything that has been happening to me started to make sense. For a while I thought someone was flashing their camera nearby… it was just me. I just think it’s fascinating how such a small thing that’s in so many products can cause hallucinations.

I actually figured out how caffeine keeps you awake! This is where all the cool science-y stuff comes in! So! Caffeine goes to your brain and starts to clog up the receptors where Adenosine should be going in naturally. When you wake up in the morning, Adenosine is being made and it’ll keep being produced until you go to sleep. It’s that annoying thing that makes you feel tired. Caffeine makes sure Adenosine can’t go sit in the receptors.

So you know that crash usually after a caffeine high? What I think happens is that since Adenosine is produced as long as you are awake, that once the caffeine is used up (? I’ll admit I don’t know much about biology, so I can be wrong), all that adenosine floating around swarm to the receptors causing you to lose all energy. I think it’s like having a power strip and then have all the chords ripped out.

So if you feel something is out of the ordinary, maybe you should look it up and learn something.


3 thoughts on “Drugs In The Brain: Part 1

  1. Hey! This was a very fun to read and it reminded me of your personality, always questioning things and finding the answers to your questions. You weaved together a good combination of what you learned from what you found on the web and your inner thoughts as well. I liked the fact that you speculated the chemical effects of caffeine on your receptors but admitted you might be wrong. Maybe you could explain your image more. Seems like you have some good hyperlinks. Enjoyed reading this post.

  2. It’s obvious here that 1) science is an interest of yours and 2) you thrive on learning by yourself. Not only would a reader learn something new about you, but also about caffeine, a commonly consumed chemical. I think you should keep writing posts like these, to mix up the information consummation.

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