Chemical Theorist?!

The Sceptical Chymist has had a few posts interviewing scientist in the chemistry field and one of the interviews that interested me was the one of David Chandler. One thing I didn’t really think about is that there are philosophers in the chemistry field. A theoretical chemist doesn’t do experiments they just think about chemistry (which I don’t think is any fun at all). One thing that was mentioned was the idea of self assembly.

I’ve never heard of this before. Self assembly is the theory that things that are athemselves align themselves without any external help. I decided to figure out what it meant in real life. All the pictures I found were usually of the microscopic scale. Then I found this:

(By the way the circles had magnets in them.)

I think it’s amazing how it happens. It seems like it can explain how ionic bonds occur or how Cocoa Puffs band together in your cereal bowl.


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