Proposal for Le Senior Project

Over the summer when I had to sit down with myself and figure out what I want to study in college I went through a list of the general areas of study. I thought about classes that I really enjoyed and can see myself continuing to pursue it. One of my answers was chemistry. Last year I took an advance chemistry course and the last bit of the class was spent doing an independent project. I loved it. I made ferrofluid. I felt I could stay in that lab for hours without complaint. I also felt that I could sit there and figure out how to make my product a lot better.

For my senior project I really want to do something that’s chemistry related. I feel any area would be fascinating to be in. Although I do have an idea of what I want to do, I have no idea where to look and who to contact besides my faculty. I honestly don’t care too much about what field or area.

A perfect day would go along the lines of: waking up at 1 waking up early-ish, going to a lab and doing lab work. Sounds pretty boring but I think the most exciting part is doing the actually labs and watching cool stuff happen.

I think this senior project will be used as a way to learn about what I could possibly do with a chemistry career. I do want to major in chemistry but the problem I currently have is what can I do with it? Realistically it will be a time to gain some work experience and gain lab skills. Different skills will be gained depending on what type of internship it will be. I think the people I meet will be very helpful in figuring how the workforce works… I’ve never had a job before, so it’s a completely new topic to me. I’m guessing it’s not like high school.


2 thoughts on “Proposal for Le Senior Project

  1. Just thinking about this plus the knitting passion, and wondering if one aspect of your project might be the chemistry of dye? I know there are all sorts of materials that one can mix (elements and minerals and fruits and vegetables and so on) to make colors, and then chemicals for setting the colors, etc. Could be an interesting experimental aspect, perhaps in addition to some more traditional experiences in a chemistry lab.

    • I think I can totally do two posts right there! One in which I talk about animal hair and it’s biochemical properties. Second is understanding how vinegar (acid) helps a protein in animal hair absorb dye, etc.

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