The 4 C’s

“HS Redesign Committee have spent nearly two years looking closely at the HS program… They have found that four words embody the LREI HS experience: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Citizenship, and Courage.” I think these are quite accurate adjectives to describe Elisabeth Irwin High School. My experience here have proven so.

Creativity: “the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns,relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality,progressiveness, or imagination”

My definition: The skill it takes to be interesting.

I don’t think I would’ve loved EI (Elisabeth Irwin High School) if it wasn’t for the eclectic and the severe case of ADD among students and faculty. It’s very boring when all the students are the same, robotic, and grey. Here we’re all colors of the rainbow (sometimes quite literally). People work in quite odd ways, but brilliant nonetheless. Where else in the world would someone even think of creating an interpretive dance to explain cell division?! Where else does someone get freakishly excited about guacamole? Where else would you hear a teacher say, “Emperor Penguini was the leader of Antarctica during World War I”. Where else would you hear, “Ooh yarn. AAAAAAH CANDY!!!” and have no problem with that person screaming it in the library? These sorts of experience make everyday worthwhile; there is never a static moment.

The next adjective:

Critical Thinking: “disciplined thinking that is clear, rational, open-minded, andinformed by evidence”

My definition: a way to avoid getting lied to or be able to challenge with rationale.

A lot of time at EI is spent teaching students how to think for themselves. It seems every class except science which is a little more black and white. It would be silly not to explain evolution for my own benefit. (Oh right it already happens. Oops). But in all seriousness, it would be silly to expect students to just figure out that each atom has orbitals. I think being able to criticize and to cut through the crap is really important in real life. Politics is one of the areas in which a person needs to be able to see through the smoke of presentation and analyze what is actually being said. I think without it, we would be in mass hysteria that all Muslims are terrorists and that President Obama is a socialist fascist (lol).


Citizenship: “the character of an individual viewed as a member ofsociety; behavior in terms of the duties, obligations, and functions of a citizen”

My definition: being aware and doing your part

In 9th grade was when I really started to become aware of politics. The 2008 election was a huge deal here. Everyone was talking about it. This was back when Obama was a bubbly soda (now he’s more like stale bread). I started to follow the campaign. I read articles online. I watched videos. I became well acquainted with Obama Girl. I learned about the voting process a bit more. The next year we learned about American history. I think that class has put everything into context. I’m actually quite excited for the 2012 election in which I can actually vote! Hearing a young person be so excited about politics is rare, but I think EI has made it possible to be interesting.

What’s left?

Courage: “the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to facedifficulty, danger, pain, etc”

My definition: being confindent in what you think/believe.

Courage is a necessity more than a supplemental trait. Without it, you let yourself drown. I was able to grow in various ways. I learned how to speak in font of a group of people. I was always terrified of groups. I still get anxious sometimes when there are too many people around, but let’s continue to ignore that. I even decided to partake in activities that involved me being on stage. After learning about a lovely thing called feminism, I began to realize that I have to be a weapon in fighting the “evils”, if I don’t, nothing will happen.

Let’s end this post with something cheesy: EI should also be assigned the word, life-changing.

Life-changing: “altering a person’s life or circumstances in asubstantial way”. This is a definition I agree with.


One thought on “The 4 C’s

  1. I found that more heart-warming than cheesy, but perhaps that’s a very teacher-y thing to say. And to be even more teacher-y: You might want to do a proofread/edit– some minor things detract a bit from what is a very eloquent piece of writing.

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