A Bit About Me

I think I’ve had many rewarding experiences and opportunities at LREI. It was my first time taking a language course. I learned that I really love learning languages. This lead me to take a summer Chinese class all in Chinese and to going to China. Outside of school, I teach myself bits of languages (although school consumes a lot of time and energy). Taking the Feminist and Oh Boy! courses opened a door to social activism. It really introduced me to the world of it. Another opportunity that I really enjoyed is being able to take art. I really liked chorus, musical, photography, and dance.

The classes that I excelled in and enjoyed was Chinese and Chemistry. I found out that I have a talent for languages because I pick them up quite easily. I really enjoyed my independent project for chemistry. I created a functional product that is used in everyday life. I made ferrofluid and for a noob I was pretty successful at it. It was extremely satisfying to see my experiment work out.

Over the summer I taught myself how to knit and during the winter how to crochet. Similar to chemistry, I have tools that allow me to make things that are useful (ex. booties, blankets, hats, etc). I’ve taught myself almost everything one needs to know in knitting and still teaching myself how to crochet. I find myself surprised that I’m looking at clothes and wondering what stitches and techniques were used because if you saw what I wore, I’m not a fashionista (pretty sure not even remotely related). It’s exciting to see all the possibilities and be able to actually say, “Oh yeah, I made that”. It’s also fascinating because different combination of yarns and needles give different results even though they be following the same pattern.

To sum everything up, I’m a nerd. If I like something I’m gonna get slightly obsessed about and dedicate an unhealthy amount of time doing it.


One thought on “A Bit About Me

  1. I really liked your post especially the ending, it made me laugh and smile a bit because I know that in reality I’m the same way about certain things. Anyway, great post dude, I want to read more about your stories, they are pretty cool šŸ™‚

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